About Us


Signyan Design, based in Chongqing, China, was founded in 2008 by Xie Ke and Zhi Hongxin. Specializing in architectural and interior design, our projects ranging from resort hotels and commercial spaces to exhibition venues and private residences.

尚壹扬设计Signyan Design,是一家位于中国重庆的设计机构。由创始人谢柯和支鸿鑫创立于2008年。一直专注于建筑和室内空间设计,项目涵盖度假酒店、商业空间、展览空间、私人住宅等。

In over a decade of design practice, the founder Xie Ke and Zhi Hongxin aspire to share and spread the aesthetic of simple and natural living. They seek a balance between richness and restraint, order and complexity. Their commitment lies in creating emotive spaces based on the essence of a place, facilitating communication within space, and reflecting the emotional resonance of clients' visions and desires.


Apart from being a design agency, we have created and operated several commercial brands through which we can reach a wider audience with the lifestyle and values we promote, including YIJI furniture Store, YIJI Gallery, Sisan Hotel, Gewai Cafe & Restaurant and an upcoming brand-new resort hotel. It provides our customers a full range of experience services from their home to hotel, dinning to journey.


Our projects and brands are guided by human body and mind, rather than trend or technology, which are all with similar intrinsic quality, tacitly expressing our emphasis on quality, detail and durability, our respect for nature and understanding of life. Human comfort, growth of space, local materials and application of traditional technology are always the focuses of every project, no matter in space alteration, interior design, display modeling and art creative guidance.

我们的项目和品牌以人的身心而非潮流趋势或技术为指导。它们都有着相似的内在品质,默契地表达着我们对质量、细节、耐用性的重视,对自然的尊重以及对生活的理解。每一个项目 —— 无论是空间改造、室内设计、陈列造型还是艺术创意指导 —— 都始终关注着人的舒适感,空间的生长性,以及当地材料及传统工艺的运用。

Xie Ke

Signyan Design Founder

尚壹扬设计   创始人

Graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, majoring in oil painting. He has participated in the second, fifth and ninth episodes of the "Dream Transformer" public service program on Eastern TV. He rebuilt "The House at the Mountain Bottom", "A Home for Five Generations" and "A Home for Five Single Sisters to Retire". His representative works in the field of hotel are Pure House, Sunyata · Meili, Sunyata · Chongqing, Sisan · Hu Pao 1934, Sisan · Shuanglang.


Press & Awards


  • 2018

    Pure House won the Gold Award of The 14th Annual HD Awards in the Premium Hotel category

    作品拾山房酒店Pure house获得 The 14th’ annual HD Awards高级酒店类金奖


  • 2020

    Sunyata · Meili hotel won the AHEAD ASIA 2020 Best Hotel Conversion

    作品既下山·梅里酒店获得AHEAD ASIA 2020 Best Hotel Conversion


  • 2022

    Sisan · Shuanglang won in the Gold Award in the 2022 IFI GAP Hotel category

    作品夕上·双廊酒店获得2022 IFI GAP 酒店类金奖